Monday, 30 January 2012


A very short post just to let anyone who finds or regularly reads this blog that from now on I'm going to concentrate on 'supervet-Sarah' instead.  I've found that I've been almost duplicating what I wanted to write on each of them anyway, and as I'm semi-employed now (mother, housewife, market stall attendee, singing teacher, occasional singer and writer) I can't really call myself unemployed.  And that's not a label I like anyway.

So, the end of January with almost two years on this blog and Edward having reached the age of One, seems an appropriate time to cross over to Supervet-Sarah, and concentrate on one of my ambitions for this year - to get back into triathlon.  I did try to link the two blogs but I haven't yet found a way to do it - I think I have to export this one and then import from the other, and I don't know how to export this one.  I may in time!

In case you missed it at the top here's the link again:  Please follow me!

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