Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Solar panels have been springing up on roofs all around us recently.  I look out of Edward's bedroom window and can see them shining at me: at least they're shining if it's relatively light.

The Energy Saving Trust website said, when I completed their survey, that our house wasn't suitable for them.  Bearing in mind we live in what is, I believe, the rainiest county in the UK - at least, if it isn't it seems like it - I wasn't surprised.  I shall be interested to learn how much money people actually make out of having PV panels.

What did surprise me was getting a letter through the door today telling me how cost effective solar panels were and how much I could save (nothing about the initial investment): delivered on a day when it was dismally pouring with that fine rain which looks pathetic but is miserable and gets you soaked through, and following several similar days.  I don't think a rainy day is a day to be selling solar panels.

And anyway I reckon our wood burning stove is going to be far more effective - and warmer!

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