Saturday, 28 January 2012


Poor Edward.  Turning One has been all about illness for him.  First a cold, then chicken pox, and now something which seemed like a cold and cough but which didn't seem to be going, and which has caused him two very bad nights.  Following a trip to the Drs yesterday when his chest was pronounced clear, his was back this morning when it definitely wasn't - and came home with an inhaler.  We're hoping it will have prevented an attack of bronchiolitis, which Isabella had at age 4 and a half weeks.  Poor little sausage (both of them - Edward now and Bella then).  If we can prevent him ending up in hospital again it would be handy (and less worrying).

His Dad took him to the Drs this a.m. as I was manning the Hallsford market stall again.  I really enjoy it and Helen has booked me in for next month, where I'll be on my own for some of the time while she ferries her daughters around.  I also got chatting to the lady at the next stall, who sells knitting kits and has an ambition to have the most diverse 'portfolio career' that she can: hers is certainly already far more diverse than mine (and more financially successful I think).  I look forward to getting to talk to her more.  As an aside, she too has 'boy - girl - boy' and her oldest boy has asthma attacks and is a winter baby, whereas her other two were spring/summer babies.  In a moment I'm going to have a look at her website and so on - she's doing a knitting design course which sounds interesting.

I had another business idea having helped on the stall this morning and then talking over things with David in the car as we drove down to Penrith - more later if anything comes of it!  We went to look at wood burning stoves as he's decided he has enough money to get one put in for us, and then we went to the new Booths, which is LOVELY.  Unfortunately the Booths website doesn't have much in the way of photos of the store, though it does have an interview with the Hairy Bikers from when they visited it.

Meanwhile I've entered a writing competition (500 words - A Journey - I did the Troll-loype in Norway); am awaiting confirmation from Somerset Life that they want my piece about my grandmother; and need to get on with my novel (the ideas are burgeoning) and my composers.  I'm also working towards Grade 8, getting an 8-voice group together for a concert in May, and will be singing a duet at school and in the Carlisle Festival: I'm also trying to work up some funding or payment for my classical music in schools idea.  I guess the problem is that even if I do, what do I then do next?  Perhaps that's where today's business idea might come in....

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